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TechMud is a place where you can find the best and quality education and complete guideline regarding you carrier as a Computer student. You can feel free to visit TechMUD any time you find your self in any trouble related to any technical problem. you can always leave a message and out qualified team will try its best to answer all your queries.

Complete Video Courses

Unlike the other E-Learning websites, All the Courses provided by techMUD are 100% complete (From Beginning till the end of the course), are absolutely free and ensure the complete guidance with better understand-ability.


TechMUD believes that this is a technical world, and every student deserves to receive the best of what he or she is looking for. Well, techMUD never asks you for any annoying signup. We won't ask for any subscription either. You will find an ocean of technical stuff where your dreams will never sink.

Complete Project Guide Line

Finding it difficult what to choose as your final year project ? Well, don't worry. TechMUD will help you find a project that suites your taste as well as its value and Scope in the industry. You can always feel free to contact TechMUD Developing team to have one ready for you.


Extending values beyond the classroom by making sure skills and concepts taught in the classroom are authentically useful in the world beyond school.


Offering a multicultural and friendly environment in which students can successfully learn basic skills and core academic content, develop their special talents and social competencies.


Inspiring students to achieve potential and personal goals through activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and personalized to each student's academic performance and interest.

As a student, when i was in the learning stage, i knew very few sources from where i could learn particular things regarding my studies. But with the passage of time, things have changed, learning process has been modernised. I personally comment that TechMUD team is doing a great job in bringing the learning world closer and much closer to each other.

Dr. Mansoor Sarver

Principal PUCIT Lahore

Assalam'o Alaikum. For an IT student, Something that you have never experienced before happens every day. Under The Professional Guidance of Qualified Staff of TechMUD, you will discover new things here. You can participate in exciting events. I would recommend TechMUD if you love to be relaxed and improve your study.

Numan Masood

Principal Concordia College Sahiwal

I really appreciate the TechMUD and the attendance policy. This Encourages all the students to Learn a lot more stuff without any cost. I've experienced the best response of the TechMUD team than any other E-Learning Website. The teachers and students are very friendly regardless of culture differences. The TechMUD is a good place for international students to improve their studying proficiency.

Muhammad Shahzad

Student PUCIT (New Campus) LHR

All the staff are very nice, friendly and helpful. Lessons have never been boring, always just funny and interesting. I can only recommend TechMUD if you people wanna meet new friends, have fun and learn All the exciting stuff that you have been dreaming for.

Eman Fatima

Student UET Lahore